Ride with E-ZPass®

The express version

  • You need an E-ZPass® or E-ZPass® Flex to ride the Express Lanes
  • If you plan to carpool with 3 or more while riding on the Express Lanes, you can ride for free with an E-ZPass® Flex
  • A standard E-ZPass® is good for drivers who don’t plan to drive with more than 2 people in their car

To ride the Express Lanes, you need to have one of 2 E-ZPass® options to pay for tolls—a standard E-ZPass® or an E-ZPass® Flex. Check out the video below for ‘E-ZPass® tips for a smooth trip’ to make sure you’re good to go with your E-ZPass® before hitting the road.

Visit the E-ZPass® Virginia and E-ZPass® Maryland websites to learn more about how to travel with E-ZPass® in each state.

Choose the E-ZPass® right for you

Are you a standard E-ZPass® or E-ZPass® Flex kind of driver? The standard E-ZPass® is a good choice for drivers who don’t have the need for an HOV traveling mode.

If you plan to drive with 3 or more people in your car, choose E-ZPass® Flex for a toll-free travel option. The E-ZPass® Flex lets you switch between toll-paying and HOV modes based on how many people are riding in your car. Want to know more about using E-ZPass® Flex? Visit our FAQs page.

Where to pick up an E-ZPass®

You have your pick of retail locations where you can get an E-ZPass®. Some of the most popular spots include:

  • Virginia DMVs
  • AAA Mid-Atlantic locations
  • Select Wegmans locations
  • Select Giant Food Stores

In Virginia, you can also call 877-762-7824 or visit your nearest E-ZPass® Service Center to get an E-ZPass®.

E-ZPass® requirements checklist

To get an E-ZPass®, you’ll need your:

  • Driver's license number
  • License plate number
  • Credit card information

Before riding with E-ZPass® on the Express Lanes

  • Make sure your E-ZPass® is correctly mounted
  • Confirm your E-ZPass® account is linked to your license plate
  • Make sure your E-ZPass® can be read through the windshield
  • Double check that your E-ZPass® account has enough funds to cover your trip. You can even set up your account with auto replenishment so you don’t need to worry about your balance
  • Ensure your address is updated and correct with the DMV

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